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Marcia Angell (Married name Marcia Goitein) was the editor of the New England Journal of Medicine which was one of the world's most trusted medical health journals. She was also skeptical of health activism, and tended to be supportive of medical researchers -- even those funded by industries, including the tobacco industry.

Documents & Timeline

1996 Mar 14 Matt Swetonic of the EBH PR company is memoing Tom Borelli at Philip Morris (with a CC to Jim Wieghart).
Subject: Tobacco Industry Funded Research in Medical Journals.

He is recommending Rick Weiss who has written for the Washington Post as a "reporter who we may be able to interest in doing a major piece on medical journals that refuse to publish research funded by the tobacco industry." He also suggests Marcia Angell as a possibility.

"In a Frontline show in late February on breast implants, Marcia Angell of the New England Journal of Medicine dismissed as nonsense the notion that industry funding taints medical research. She pointed out that half of all medical research is funded by industry, and to disregared it "would decimate the science in this country." We know from an editorial she wrote a few years ago that she is also skeptical of the research linking ETS to disease."