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Mai Nassar "is a lecturer of English Language at Bethlehem University in Palestine since 1990. A graduate of Jordan University (B.A. English1982), Mai completed her graduate studies at Warwick University in Great Britain earning an M.A. in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language in 1987. Mai has participated in several educational and cultural projects. Among them, she participated in an intensive workshop sponsored by the USIS for the Professional Development Program in English Language Teaching for Educators (PRODELT) in which six Israeli and six Palestinian educators worked closely together in the United States for one month. Between 1996 and 1998 (in a joint project with George Mason University), she was a member of a team of Bethlehem University teachers who participated in Conflict Analysis and Resolution workshops in Palestine and the United States. Mai is a strong supporter of peaceful coexistence among nations and believes that innovative education is the key in broadening the horizons of the next generation." [1]

Completed a report for the Palestine Center in 2003. [2]

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