Madsen Pirie

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Dr Madsen Pirie is founder President of the Adam Smith Institute. He has been quoted as saying: "We propose things which people regard as being on the edge of lunacy. The next thing you know, they're on the edge of policy."[1]

At the Institute, Dr Pirie was part of the influential team which pioneered privatization and the extension of market choices and incentives. His work in helping to develop the Citizen's Charter led to his appointment to the Prime Minister's Advisory Panel from 1991-95.

He predicts that by 2020:

  • The whole world will be wealthier, and the wealth will be spread more evenly.
  • Britain will be known as the Green Island, with the cleanest air, the cleanest water and the least polluting industries of any advanced country
  • Britain will be the world leader in genetically modified organisms.
  • The British government will will own and run no industries, utilities or services at all.


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