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The Macular Degeneration Foundation describes itself as "a 'patient driven' organisation" which "aims to reduce the incidence and impact of Macular Degeneration in Australia." [1]

According to Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) records the Macular Degeneration Foundation name was reserved for use for a new Australian company in March 2001. In early May 2001 the company name was registered and the constitution submitted to ASIC.

One of the highest profile activities of MDF is the annual Macular Degeneration Awareness Week in early June.


According to their financial report in 2005 their Total revenues from operating activities were AU$1,054,141 (of this they raised AU$774,495 from donations and fundraising and AU$262,400 from government grants). [2]

In the Chairman's report for the year to the end of June 2005, Leslie Lofthouse noted that "additional significant financial contributors will be coming on board this year including Pfizer, Alcon, The Federal Government, Australian Optometry Association and Humanware." [3]


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MD Foundation
Suite 302, 447 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Help line: 1800 111 709
Tel: 02 9261 8900
Fax: 02 9261 8912
Email: info AT


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