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M. Paul Collier "serves as Executive Director of The Biometric Foundation. He is a founder of the consulting firm ID Technology Partners, Inc. He has held executive posts in the design and marketing of forensic and biometric identification systems since 1978. His last post was General Manager of the Biometric Solutions Division of ANADAC, a subsidiary of Identix. His background in biometrics encompasses commercial, government, and military applications of biometrics, including physical and logical access control, entitlement fraud control, refugee tracking, border control, and e-commerce and electronic funds transfer applications.

"Mr. Collier has participated in virtually all government and industry biometric standards activities, including the ANSI/NIST fingerprint interchange standard, BioAPI, NIST Common Biometric Exchange File Format, and the GSA Smart-card Biometric Subcommittee. Mr. Collier is a founding member of the International Biometrics Industry Association and served on its board of directors for over two years. He has served on the Service Membership Advisory Board of the American Bankers Association and has testified before Congressional committees as an expert witness on biometric technology." [1]

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