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Luboš Motl

Luboš Motl is a physicist based in Pilsen in the Czech Republic.[1]

He is a climate change contrarian and a climate skeptic. He studied at Charles University Prague, and Rutgers University .[2] He took a position at Harvard but left in 2007 in dubious circumstances[3]

He is widely believed to have originated the "global warming stopped in 1995" skeptic meme . He calculated from UAH figures that warming over a 15 year timespan was below the 95% statistically significance level if one took 1995 as the base point and published this in advance of the BBC interview with Dr Jones.[4] The interview by BBC environment analyst Roger Harrabin was in the form of Q&A with "several [questions] gathered from climate sceptics". Whilst the BBC report was accurate this was then misreported [5]by numerous media organizations without the "statistically significant" explanation.[6][7] The Economist described this episode as 'Journalistic malpractice on global warming'.[8]

A controversial figure, he is accused of making ad hominem attacks on other scientists. He has written 53 Amazon book reviews.[9] He writes 5 star reviews for Roy Spencer and Pat Michaels he writes negative reviews for proponents of AGW and physicists attacking string theory . He wrote a book review on Amazon, attacking theoretical physicist Lee Smolin which the internet bookseller deleted.[10]
Luboš Motl also edits wikipedia under he name "Lumidek", he has recieved a standard warning for contravening rules on editing of biography of living persons, namely an edit he made of UEA climate scientist Dr. Keith Briffa. [11]

Mysogonist and Racist

Motl is a noted mysoginist. He writes "many women decide to go to science mainly because of their feminist ideological beliefs."[12] He supported Dr Lawrence Summers remarks at Harvard that women were under represented due to a "different availability of aptitude at the high end," and attacked Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder as 'stupid' 'silly', 'a crackpot' should not have a Ph.D., that her 'female brain' only 'parrots nonsense'.[13]

Motl claims that academia is biased against right wingers such as himelf. "There are whole departments where people are quite generally incompetent" writes Motl of African studies and other departments which he claims are "the key driving forces for politicization of the Academia" (sic). Motl continues "Members of racial and other groups that are likely to be extremely leftist are being hired more often than members of other groups."[14]

Advocate of attacking Iran

Motl sates that he is proud that in the past Czechoslovakia has sent military aid to Israel which he describes as a " meaningful and lasting contribution to peace in the Middle East ". Of the current political situation he states "Prime minister Netanyahu should attack the Iranian nuclear sites to defend itself "[15]

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