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Biographical Information

"LORRAINE ROSENTHAL, CO-FOUNDER, CANCER CONTROL SOCIETY received her B.A. in Zoology in 1958 at the University of California Berkeley. She has worked at the Osteopathic School and the City of Hope in Los Angeles as a Lab Technician in cancer research. After observing and reading literature on cancer in connection with nutrition she was convinced that we must go back to natural foods if we are to stop degenerative diseases. Therefore, she opened a health food store called Oasis of Health, which was conveniently located across from Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Hollywood. In 1965, she met Cecil Hoffman, Founder of the International Association of Cancer Victims & Friends (IACVF) and became very interested in Laetrile. She served on the board of the IACVF since 1966 and did much of the pioneer work through the Los Angeles Chapter, which is now called Cancer Control Society, of which she is the Treasurer of the Executive Board as a full time volunteer. She has also been Convention Director for over 30 years.

"Lorraine was also responsible for the production of 2 historical films, Nature’s Answer to Cancer (The story of Vitamin B17) and the National Health Federation (NHF) documentary Action for Survival starring Ralph Nader and Adelle Davis." [1]


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