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Loren Miller is said to have been an influence in persuading business magnates to support libertarian policy initiatives, during the first half of the twentieth century. These millionaires include Jasper Crane of DuPont, B. E. Hutchinson of Chrysler, Henry Weaver of General Electric, Pierre Goodrich, the Indianapolis businessman and creator in 1960 of Liberty Fund, Richard Earhart, founder of the Earhart Foundation, and Harold Luhnow of the William Volker Fund.

Miller's career started with municipal work and governmental research bureaus. For a time he worked with the Detroit Bureau of Governmental Research (now the Citizens Research Council of Michigan). Later, he worked in New York City with Dunn and Bradstreet on their municipal work, and also worked as ssociate director of the Bureau of Governmental Research of Newark, New Jersey.

He went on to become director of the Volker-funded Kansas City Civic Research Institute from 1942 to 1944. He stayed in Kansas City until 1944, and then he left to go back to the Detroit Bureau of Governmental Research as director there.

Subsequently, with Luhnow as president, Miller also ran the William Volker Fund with the help of Herb Cornuelle - who was later to become vice president of Dole Corporation, president of United Brands and president of Dillingham.