Lippmann Colloquium

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The Lippmann Colloquium, held in 1938 in Paris, was an early attempt by contemporary neo-liberals to resolve the "crisis of liberalism" brought on by the Great Depression and Roosevelt's consequent New Deal strategy in the USA.

The event was organised by Louis Rougier, the French epistemologist, and was centred around a discussion of Walter Lippmann's book, The Good Society (1936).

Attendees included F. A. Hayek and Ludwig von Mises. At the Colloquium, members nominated as their primary objective an anti Keynesian counter-revolution, and decided to form a permanent organisation.

In 1939, Hayek went on to set up the Society for the Renovation of Liberalism, but the War intervened, and it was not until 1947 that Hayek was able to resurrect his project as the Mont Pelerin Society.