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Linwood Hines was an Associate Industrial Engineer with Philip Morris USA and was a founding member of the early Philip Morris smokers rights group American Smokers Alliance (ASA).


Linwood Hines worked at Philip Morris's Richmond Stockton St. plant as an associate industrial engineer in the Environmental Health & Safety Department. By 1989, he had been with the company for 11 years.

Hines was a founder of the PM-organized smokers' rights group the American Smokers Alliance (ASA), along with vocal smokers rights advocate Stephen Handman. ASA received funding from Philip Morris [Ref. 2025385639, 2046900655/0666, 2073816607] . Philip Morris worked through ASA to run attack advertising against public health advocates that the company could not run itself. In 1995 a group called the "130/10 Club" organized by Handman ran ads in the Washington Times attacking anti-tobacco researcher Stanton Glantz and urging Congress revoke his National Cancer Institute funding to study tobacco company funding of legislators.

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