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As of December 4, 2005, the Lincoln Group listed a number of "case studies" on its website (quoted below in full):

  • "Lincoln Group designed and produced tens of thousands of water bottles with custom messages for the Marine Corps during a dangerous conflict. The water bottles and their messages were produced locally and distributed throughout two major metropolitan areas in support of Coalition forces. These messages, written on the labels of the water bottles, promoted friendly discourse and encouraged religious pilgrims to call a phone number imprinted on the bottle in the event they noticed insurgent or criminal activity in their area."

On its 'Examples of our work' page also listed are examples but, with one excepotion, without disclosing who its clients were.

  • Foreign Media Planning

"Faced with a dizzying array of hundreds of print, broadcast and online news sources, our client needed assistance both with message development and placement. We were engaged to develop a media planning approach and 18-month strategy to tell their story across a diverse group consisting of dozens of different nationalities, ethnicities and religious affiliations."

  • Video - National Security Forces

"Our client faced tremendous identity and public confidence issues as they built up their internal capacity to defend and protect their citizens. Lincoln worked alongside the client to develop the film, graphics and narrative required to develop a truthful and compelling visual story of the emerging security forces."

  • Cartoons Against Crime

"Unlike your typical Saturday morning cartoon, this animated series was developed to highlight the personal suffering caused by criminals and terrorists in our client's nation. This series uses dramatic recreations of terrorist attacks and a simple, personal narrative to bring home the threat to society. This series was placed in local and regional media, reaching millions of viewers."

  • National Governance Awareness - Print Campaign

"Working with local audiences, we developed hundreds-of-thousands of posters and pamphlets in order to educate a national audience on the developing issues of voting, democracy, constitutions, pluralism and other messages. These products were produced for four distinct audiences in eight different languages and required a significant degree of cultural understanding and creative coordination in order to ensure timely production and coordination of a national rollout."

  • Message in a Bottle

"Faced with a serious threat to the security of a national religious event, our client requested an advertising campaign that would reach thousands of religious pilgrims. Working with the client and target audience, we developed the graphics and messages needed to communicate with a foreign audience. Working with local bottling plants, we developed tens-of-thousands of water bottles with custom labels. We then distributed these products across several cities and communities in the foreign country."

  • Community Research - Essential Services and Perceptions

"Our client was faced with the daunting task of rebuilding a devastated economic and governance structure encompassing a population of over two-million people, two metropolitan areas and hundreds of rural and farming communities. Our client engaged us to develop a framework to analyze and measure local population perceptions and attitudes regarding the client's work. Working with the client and their constituents, we developed a strategy to retrain local scientists and students and engage them in a twelve-month study that continues to provide insight into local perceptions."

  • Arab Scholarship Fundraising Support

"A western philanthropic group required the development of specialty marketing products which would be used in a foreign country to promote scholarships among a national group of high-school children. Working with the client we developed the branding and promotional items to support several "game days", fund raising events, and a final marathon for dollars."

  • Corporate Branding - Al Wathba

"Al Wathba is an import/export firm specializing in petroleum chemicals and industrial products. Working with the principals and employees, we developed the corporate branding needed for Al Wathba to target European and other Western companies."

In a separate case study listing on its site, the Lincoln Group stated: "Working with an Iraqi company whose ownership and employees come from west of Ramadi in the Anbar province, Lincoln Group assisted the company in developing collateral material and a messaging strategy to reach out to the local US Marines operating in their area. Working together, we were able to develop new business for Al-Wathba group, introduce the Marines to friendly neighbors, and promote good will and business between the two sides. The background and preparation for this work was considerable, as Al-Wathba had never organized and presented their capabilities to a Western client, much less the Marines. After reviewing their past projects in Iraq, finances, and business objectives, Lincoln developed a new logo, collateral materials and introductions to promote the interests of Al-Wathba. Everyone succeeded because we took the time to understand both sides interests and worked hand-in-hand with both sides to bring them to the table. After three months of work, Lincoln stepped back from the process and Al-Wathba took the lead in cementing the relationship."

  • Competitive Internet Strategy

"Our client faced a growing number of competitors who used web sites, BLOGs and other online tools to develop false and inflated stories which harmed the client's reputation. Our analysts and media experts developed recommendations to counter the online threat and continued to monitor the internet for new messages. Our development team developed a professional online resource which effectively conveyed our client's message and countered false rumors and stories posted by the competition."

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