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Liberty Strategies LLC is an Atlanta, GA. based consulting firm whose founded in 2004 by Bob Barr, former U.S. House of Representatives member representing Georgia's 7th Congressional District from 1995-2003, who is also principle of the firm.

From Liberty Strategies' Home web page:

"Our principals have a combined total of nearly a century of experience in public service. Our background includes service in the U.S. Congress, the Central Intelligence Agency, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Department of Defense, among others. That experience translates directly into positive results for our clients." [1]

Consulting focus

Liberty Strategies consulting services focus on areas

"relevant to the current business and political climate in Washington, D.C., in individual states, and internationally.

(Also) …on specific policy areas where it has extensive contacts and particularized expertise. Those areas include legal policy, privacy and information security policy, and international affairs. " [2]

Liberty Strategies LLC capabilities also includes:

  • Tailoring the client's message to conservatives and grass roots organisations.
  • Aiding in client's profitability through retention of current business as well as identifying potential markets and easing entry into them.
  • Conducting polling in the United States, and delivering the results of the polls to political operatives for their use.
  • Assisting think tanks and policy organisations' production of research product.
  • Developing coalitions in support of specific policies and initiatives.
  • Using targeted e-mail campaigns.
  • Providing services needed to implement a regional media event.
  • Lobbying directly on behalf of the client.
  • Aiding the client internationally through the firm principles' diplomatic contacts acquired from their past occupations.[3]


  • Bob Barr, Former U.S. House of Representatives Member, 1995-2003
  • Gil Macklin, Maj., USMC Ret., Liberty Strategies’ Director of Government Relations
  • Derek Barr, Liberty Strategies' in-house congressional budgeting and appropriations expert
  • Amy Scruggs, Liberty Strategies Director of Business Development

Outside Partners

  • Laura Murphy
    • Former Director of the American Civil Liberty Union's Washington Legislative Office [8]


Liberty Strategies LLC
Address: 900 Circle 75 Parkway Suite 1280 Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone (voice): 770-836-1776
Phone (fax): 678-384-5745
E-Mail: info AT

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