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The Liberal Party of Australia is the major partner in the Liberal-National coalition which has governed Australia since 1996.

Associated Entities

Organisations controlled by the Liberal Party, and mostly used to funnel funding to the party to avoid public scrutiny, include:


In 2004, The Age newspaper reported that: "Last financial year, the biggest donation to the Coalition came from the Cormack Foundation, a long-term supporter of the Liberal Party set up with the proceeds of the sales of Melbourne radio station 3XY to promote private enterprise. The little-known private foundation pumped $1.8 million into Liberal Party coffers in 2002-03."

Despite receiving $100,000 a year in public funding, the Menzies Research Centre is also a major donor the Liberal Party, donating $327,000 to the party between 1998/9 and 2003/4 [1].

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