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Lev E. Dobriansky (born November 9, 1918, in New York City; died January 2008) was a professor of economics at Georgetown University.

Life and Career

"Dobriansky graduated from New York University (B.S., 1941; M.A., 1943; Ph. D., 1951). He is the author of numerous books and articles. His foreign languages are French, Ukrainian, Russian, and German."[1]

"In 1942-1948, Dr. Dobriansky was an instructor in economics at New York University. Since 1948 he has been with Georgetown University as assistant professor of economics (1948-1952), associate professor of economics (1952-1960), and professor of economics (1960-present). He has also been director of the Institute on Comparative Economic and Political Systems since 1970. He was a faculty member at the National War College in 1957-1958. He has served as a consultant with the Department of State, the International Communication Agency, and the United States House of Representatives. In 1974-1975, he was a member of the National Commission for the Observance of World Population Year."[1]

In addition to his work with the United States government, Dobriansky also worked in an official capacity in Chile from 1975 to 1976[citation needed]

On October 25, 1982, Dr. Dobriansky was nominated by President Ronald Reagan as United States Ambassador to the Bahamas; he succeeded William B. Schwartz.[1] Dobriansky maintained this position until August 30, 1986[2]

Dobriansky was a right-wing activist and ideologue, though he taught "The Economics of Socialism" at Georgetown University[citation needed]. He was a fervent Cold-Warrior who was heavily involved in Ukrainian matters and active in Ukrainian/White Russian emigree circles[citation needed]. He is responsible for a statue to a Ukrainian patriot placed near Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C.[citation needed]

His daughter, Paula Dobriansky, is a senior officer in the U.S. State Dept. (since 2000), and one of the early neo-conservatives, signatory of the PNAC[citation needed]. His other daughter, Larisa Dobriansky, is a lawyer specializing in "environmental issues" who has worked at the U.S. Department of Energy and has also been party to the undermining of the adoption of the Kyoto Environmental treaty[citation needed]. She also was an environmental lawyer at Akin Gump.

Other activities


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