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Lembit Opik Born in 1965.

MP, House of Commons. Currently running for President of the the UK's Liberal Democratic Party. Has been the Liberal Democratic Party Spokesman on Northern Ireland and for Young People since 1997, Liberal Democratic Spokesman for Wales, and a member of Charles Kennedy's Opposition Front Bench.

From 1989 until 1997 Mr. Opik held executive positions with Proctor & Gamble Ltd. He holds a degree in Philosophy from Bristol University. He is currently engaged to ITV television "weather girl" Sian Lloyd.

He enjoys English folk music, military history, astronomy and aviation. In 1988 he suffered multiple injuries in a paragliding accident.

In an interview with the London News Review dated 2003. Mr. Opik states, (regarding action against Iraq) "The problem is that Blair and Bush set certain criteria, then when these criteria are met, they change the criteria. They're constantly raising the bar."

Chair, Bahá'ís APPG

From the register of members interests 2002/3

2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc

Fee for training activity at Luther Pendragon, 2002. (Registered 31 October 2002)
Fees for appearing on BBC radio and television programmes. (Up to £5,000)
Article for Hello! Magazine published on 21 January 2003. (Registered 27 February 2003)

6. Overseas visits

March 2002, to Estonia, to attend Eurovision Song Contest. Two tickets for Eurovision Song Contest and overnight accommodation for two people provided by Tallinn City Council. (Registered 31 October 2002)
18-21 February 2003, to Estonia accompanied by my partner. Flights and accommodation paid for by HTV. (Registered 27 February 2003)

From register of members interests 2001/2

2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc

Occasional journalism.
Member of Harris Research Panel. (£1-£1,000)
Fee from BBC for "Have I Got News for You" programme. (Registered 30 October 2001)
Fee from Sunday Express for Election Diary. (Registered 30 October 2001)
Payment from BBC for "Late Night Live", 5 Live programmes. (£1-£1,000) (Registered 30 October 2001)
Fee for training activity at Luther Pendragon. (Registered 30 October 2001)
Fee for training activity with Midas Training Solutions Ltd. (Registered 30 October 2001)

5. Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)

Summer 2001, use of flight simulator provided by Society of British Aerospace Companies. (Registered 30 October 2001)

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Official Website


Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats

BBC News

Political Profile, Oct. 2002

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Feb. 13, 2003 Interview


Montgomeryshire Liberal Democrats
3 Park Street Newtown
Powys SY16 1EE
TELEPHONE: 0171 219 1144 / 01686 625527
FAX: 0171 219 2210 / 01686 628891
email: opikl@parliament.uk
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