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Leif Cocks "is Perth Zoo's Curator of Exotic Mammals. He has been working for the orangutans at Perth Zoo for more than 20 years. Leif has been awarded a Masters of Science from Curtin University , Western Australia for his research into the improvement of the welfare of orangutans in captivity. His book 'Orangutans and their battle for survival" is currently in bookstores across Australia . Leif has been involved with numerous field trips to Sumatra and Borneo . He is an active participant in Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG) workshops to develop conservation plans for the orangutan. He is President and founder of the Australian Orangutan Project, which supports the in situ conservation of orangutans. Leif has also written the Australasian Guidelines for Housing Orangutans. Leif's other positions include Committee Member of the Australian Species Management Program (ASMP), Artiodactyl Taxon Advisory Group (TAG) Convenor, ASMP Primate Husbandry Advisor and the International Studbook Keeper for the Critically Endangered Silvery Gibbon." [1]

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