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Ledama Olekina, "President and founder of MED, is a Maasai warrior from Kenya. He studied his undergraduate in Political Science and English Communication at Fort Lewis College in Colorado and the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Olekina has walked across America to raise awareness of educational and health related issues affecting the Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania. Since 1995 to 2003, Olekina has organized multicultural speaking engagements in schools across the United States, and is currently active on numerous community boards focusing on cultural education and diversity in Kenya and America. Olekina has worked as a researcher for Education Television Network, promoting cultural studies through TV programs around the world, and as a documentary researcher for Diverse Production in London. He has also worked as an assistant producer for Reuters Television, Africa Journal, a weekly magazine feature on Africa. In addition, he has been influential in establishing volunteer projects encouraging Maasai youth to work together in order to improve their level of education. He is one of the few Maasai to receive a college education and feels his education as his most important award." [1]

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