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Learning and Attentional Disorders Society (LADS) is an ADHD advocacy group.

Channel Nine's Sunday program reported that LADS is a strong supporter of drug solutions for ADHD despite controversy over the condition. [1] The program also revealed a statement from LADS confirming that it has received funding from a pharmaceutical company that markets ADHD drugs (supposedly with "no strings attached"). (Transcript of Part 2 of the program not available online).

LADS deals with both childhood, and increasingly, adult ADHD: "The symptoms used to diagnose adults with ADHD are identical to those used in the diagnosis of children." [2]

Management Committee

Contact details

The Niche, Suite B
Cnr Aberdare Road and Hospital Avenue
Nedlands, Western Australia

Telephone - (08) 9346-7544
Fax - (08) 9346-7545
Email - lads AT cnswa.com

Web: http://www.ladswa.com.au/

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