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Laurence Lundblade Sr Director of Technology at QUALCOMM, Inc.

"For the past years I've been designing and overseeing implementation and deployment of security systems for wireless networks. In particular, most of the security around BREW (Verizon markets this as Get It Now) a platform for applications on wireless devices. Work includes code signing and subscriber authentication built pretty much from the ground up. Also included is content piracy protection and a security model and APIs for the platform.

"Prior to that I worked on various email client. Most recently was Eudora, a POP mail client, for PalmOS. It won an award in 2001. I spent some time working on Mac and Windows Eudora, which is were I got my start on security. I was assigned to work on PGP and S/MIME integration. However my start and greatest claim to fame in the email world was being the original author of the Pine email client for UNIX.

"Along the way I've participated in various standard bodies, co-authoring a few email RFCs, and a little participation in 3GPP2 in the wireless world. I have a few patents related to code signing.

"Currently I manage a small team, work with customers like Verizon Wireless and KDDI, internal business folks, business partners and all sorts of others." [1]

  • Baha'i World Centre, Baha'i Computer & Communications Association

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