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Larry Bell is a weekly columnist for Forbes Magazine with no evident climate expertise who writes columns dismissing climate science[1], [2]. He is listed as author of a Jan. 2011 book titled Climate of Corruption: Politics and Power Behind The Global Warming Hoax, published through the Greenleaf Book Group, a vanity press.


Bell appears to have no background in climate science. His Forbes blurb states that "Weekly columnist Larry Bell is a professor at the University of Houston and author of Climate of Corruption"; his University of Houston professorship is in "Space Architecture", where he is director of the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA) - an institution funded by the Sasakawa Foundation, which was founded by Ryoichi Sasakawa, "rightist and gambling figure" who was "the last living member of a group accused after World War II of the most serious war crimes" (and "gave millions of dollars to charity").[3]; the foundation is chaired by Sasakawa's son.[4]

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  • Belden H. Bell, a Heritage Foundation trustee (as is Steve Forbes), may be a relative. (Larry Bell, who is in a position to know, disagrees, saying in email "I am not familiar with Belden Bell and seriously doubt that we share a family tree. Bell seems like a relatively common name. Also doubt that he knows of me"; but multiple attempts to confirm this with Belden Bell have been unsuccessful.[1])

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  • Michael Tobis and Scott Mandia (with input from Gavin Schmidt, Michael Mann, and Kevin Trenberth) (2011-01-06). Forbes’ rich list of nonsense. RealClimate. Retrieved on 2011-01-31. “"...the underlying strategy is to pretend that no evidence that the climate is changing exists, so any effort to address climate change is a waste of resources. A recent piece by Larry Bell in Forbes, entitled “Hot Sensations Vs. Cold Facts”, is a classic example. Bell uses the key technique that denialists use in debates, dubbed by Eugenie Scott the “Gish gallop”, named after a master of the style, anti-evolutionist Duane Gish. The Gish gallop raises a barrage of obscure and marginal facts and fabrications that appear at first glance to cast doubt on the entire edifice under attack, but which on closer examination do no such thing. [In this column] he casts his attack not as an attack on science (his usual method) but on the media:..."”
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  1. Ahaynes asked B. Bell by phone & Facebook, in Jan-March 2011.