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The Landowners Advocates of New York is a new organization base out of New York State. The organization, which claims to be a grassroots coalition of upstate New York farmers and rural landowners who 'serve to protect the private property rights of the landowners, to enable environmentally responsible development of their properties.' [1] The organization was founded in response to Governor Andrew Cuomo placing delays on fracking in the state of New York [2] The newly conceived organization held its first rally entitled "Real People, Real Jobs" on October 15th in Albany in anticipation of the November 29th deadline for the state to review regulations. [3]


Land Advocates of New York's source of funding has garnered criticisms of the organization being an Astroturf. The gas industry front group 'Energy In Depth announced the creation of the Landowner Advocates of New York in an October 3rd blog post. [4] Sponsors of the "Real People, Real Jobs" rally include America's Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA), the American Petroleum Institute (API), the New York State Petroleum Council (the state-level version of API), and the Independent Oil and Gas Association (IOGA) of NY. [5]


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