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LaDonna Harris (Comanche) President, Americans for Indian Opportunity.

"Ms. Harris is a national leader in the areas of civil rights, the women's movement, environmental protection, and world peace. She is most well-known for her consistent and ardent advocacy on behalf of Native Americans. Ms. Harris is the founder and President of Americans for Indian Opportunity, and she also was a founding member of the National Urban Coalition and Common Cause. She was an original convener of the first Women's Political Caucus and helped organize the Global Tomorrow Coalition and Women for Meaningful Summits. During her career, Ms. Harris has served on many national boards, such as Girl Scouts USA, National Organization of Women, Save the Children and the Independent Sector. She has founded several influential Native American organizations, including the National Indian Housing Council, the Council of Energy Resource Tribes and the National Tribal Environmental Council. She also served on many Presidential commissions, including Carter's Commission on Mental Health and Johnson's National Council on Indian Opportunity. She was appointed by Vice President Gore to the Advisory Council on the National Information Infrastructure and by Secretary of Energy O'Leary to the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board. President Clinton appointed Ms. Harris to the Commission on the Contribution of Women to American History. Currently, Ms. Harris is organizing an international Indigenous initiative as the founding President of the Advancement of Global Indigeneity.“ [1]

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