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"We are a globally based independent publisher and book distributor with a head office in Cape Town, South Africa offering a unique range of body, mind & spirit books & Ebooks. Kima Global celebrates its 21st year in the book business this year 2012 and we are committed to publishing books that provide readers with alternatives to the materialistic values of the current culture and promote self-awareness, the recognition of interdependence and compassion. Our subject areas include:

"NON FICTION: Practical Esoterics, Alternative Healing: Alternative Medicine; Holistic;Therapies,Healthy eating, Philosophy: Controversial Topics; Self help, Animal communication, New Age ideas, Practical spirituality, and UFO topics.

"FICTION: Spiritual-Visionary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Metaphysical, Angels & Demons and Science fiction for adults, teens or young adults...

"We are also the Distributors in S.A for: Novalis Press - S.A; Endeavor Academy - U.S.A; New Knowledge Library - U.S.A; Wisdom Tree - India; Holm Press - U.S.A; Stone Hill Foundation - India; Heartgate publications - Australia; Krishnamurti Publications U.S.A; Superfoods - S.A; Floris Books U.K [1]


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