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Kim Samuel Johnson "is a Director of The Samuel Group of Companies, a Canadian family business founded in 1855, which consists of a network of operations across North America, engaged in the processing, manufacturing and distribution of steel and other metals. Kim is Director of The Samuel Group's CSR Program, which comprises the corporate philanthropy and community outreach activities of the company.

"She is President of The Samuel Family Foundation, which has a long history of supporting the arts, health care and education in Canada. More recently, the Foundation has broadened its mandate in the international arena by actively engaging in a number of multi-sectoral partnerships directed toward global poverty alleviation, human rights advocacy, environmental sustainability, disability rights and family support, basic primary education and youth empowerment.

"At Synergos, she is a key partner in our work to address issues of social exclusion among children and communities affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis in Southern Africa and supports a number of our other programs, including the Senior Fellows.

"She is Chair of the Advisory Board of the Yale University Center for Environmental Law and Policy, a Founding Member of the Board of Advisors of Project Q at the Harvard School of Public Health, a Member of the Human Rights Watch Africa Division Advisory Committee, a Member of the Women's Leadership Board of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, a Fellow of the Australia Davos Connection and Founding Member of the Global Philanthropists Circle. She serves as a Director of several non-governmental organizations, including Synergos , Special Olympics International, Temenos Academy (UK), and the International Sustainability Innovation Council of Switzerland." [1]


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