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Khader Shkirat "is director of LAW, The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment and a visiting law fellow at Harvard." (2002) [1]

In 2002 "The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network strongly condemns the treatment of board member of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network, Khader Shkirat, and his family at his house in Jerusalem Thursday evening, march 7." [2] (also see)

"Shkirat is a Palestinian lawyer and the general director and co-founder of LAW, a non-governmental organization that specializes in environmental and human rights law in Israel and Palestine. He participated in the 1998 HRP roundtable in Cairo on the Arab human rights movement (HRP, International Aspects of the Arab Human Rights Movement, 2000). At Harvard, Khader explored the intersection of politics and law in Middle East diplomacy." [3]

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