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Ken Newcombe "is an Australian national. Before joining the World Bank he was a research scientist in environmental science and natural resource management at the Australian National University, and subsequently General Manager of the Papua New Guinea power utility and Head of the Energy Planning Administration in Papua New Guinea which he helped establish in 1978-81. He joined the World Bank in 1982 as an energy specialist in the Energy Department and transferred to East Africa Projects Department in 1983. He became Head of the Energy Unit, Technical Department for Africa in 1989. In 1991 he became Chief, Global Environment Division, to establish and administer the investment operations of the Global Environment Facility and Montreal Protocol's Multilateral Fund in the Bank. In 1996, he was promoted to Senior Advisor, Environment Department. In 2003, he became Senior Manager, Environment Department, Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development Vice Presidency.

"Dr. Newcombe is the Funds Manager for the Carbon Finance Business at the World Bank, which includes Prototype Carbon Fund, the Netherlands Clean Development Facility, the Community Development Carbon Fund, the BioCarbon Fund and the Italian Carbon Fund.

"As Senior Manager in the Vice Presidency for Environmental and Socially Sustainable Development, he is responsible for a number of special initiatives promoting public-private partnerships in natural resource management, especially in forest conservation and sustainable use, including the Global Alliance with WWF on forest conservation and sustainable use, the CEOs Forum on Sustainable Forestry, and the spin-off NGO, Forest Trends." [1]

In 2006. Ken joined the Climate Change Capital, "the independent specialist merchant bank, from the World Bank, as head of special situations for its carbon finance business." [2]

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