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Kelly Stoner attended a conference "Stopping Eco-extremism" co-organized by the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Nichols-Dezenhall. Stoner's business card had her listed as the executive director of a group called "Stop Eco Violence" from Oregon.

"Oddly enough, the Web site address on Stoner's card ( didn't exist at the time of the conference, but it was registered to -- you guessed it -- Nichols Dezenhall," David Case from reported.

The original domain registration is at [1]. Two days after Case reported on this, the registration was changed from the name of Nichols-Dezenhall's Los Angeles office staffer Ryan Knoll to Stoner.

According to Case, Stoner's speaker bio was "cryptically brand-free: she's identified as a 'communications specialist' in Oregon, who 'has several years experience in the forest products and agriculture industries, where she has had to deal first hand with the threat of eco-terrorism.'

"It turns out that Stoner is a former media relations official with Louisiana Pacific," he wrote.

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David Case, "The Fringe: You Too Might Be A Terrorist!: The War On The Greens", March 12, 2002.