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Katya Min was previously the International Fellows Program Director at the Oakland Institute.

In that capacity, Katya facilitated "opportunities for cooperation, collaboration and community building among the Institute’s International Fellows. She identifies and recruits new fellows who can serve as community liaison experts and add to the Institute’s existing “international echo chamber for progressive ideas.” She also focused on raising the visibility of the fellows and strengthening communications and resource sharing between fellows and the Institute.

"In her previous position as Co-Director of Institute for Democratic Education and Culture (Speak Out), a national organization promoting progressive voices, Katya was responsible for strategic planning and alliance-building efforts across the IDEC network to provide support and resources to young people, and to engage the broader public in socio-cultural discourse, debate and action. Prior to IDEC, she directed three community-based public health programs, including a multi-year joint research project between Asian Health Services and the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. The project included culturally competent needs assessment and community-empowering interventions.

"Katya has led a Korean immigant women’s group, coordinated educational seminars, and worked with other women of color groups, both within the US and abroad, addressing issues such as international trafficking of women and girls, justice for WWII “comfort women”, and war and militarism. Katya has also helped coordinate a series of Korean reunification symposiums, which brought together high level government representatives from North and South Korea." [1]

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