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"I have a passion for heart centered living and the cultivation of consciousness in everyday life. I am a graduate of the Corelight Teacher Training Program, a four year program for "those souls moved by an inner fire to awaken and serve humanity and the Earth." I draw upon the wisdom and teachings of Leslie Temple-Thurston, founder of Corelight, as a primary foundation in my mentoring, teaching and constellations facilitation. Leslie's detailed explanations of consciousness along with specific processing and clearing tools provide a invaluable road-map for my learning and sharing.

"I have had the good fortune of training in constellations facilitation with Mark A. Johnson, LMFT and the Director of the Seattle Constellations Institute, (SCI). Mark is both a gifted teacher and facilitator with a tremendous depth and ability to navigate the systemic field to reveal the hidden dynamics that, when acknowledged, can release patterns of stuckness and suffering, allowing an opening to healing, compassion and clarity. I have graduated from a one-year SCI training program, along with a peer-group of accomplished facilitators. Family Constellations have touched every aspect of my life and have helped to bring forward the deeper spiritual wisdom and awareness into my daily life, patterns and relationships.

"I offer gratitude for the indigenous teachers in my life who have helped me to develop a relationship with the subtle aspects of nature and awareness. In my late teens, I was welcomed into the Cofan community in the Upper Amazon Basin of Ecuador, where I had my first experience of disconnecting from the modern world and settling into a more primal connectedness with the land. In later years, I have been influenced by the wisdom and experience of Martin Prechtel who has brought forward the eloquence and beauty of the Tzutzujil Maya of Guatemala. Participating in rituals of breath-taking beauty and grace with Martin have helped me to develop the conversation with my own indigenous soul. I have also had the tremendous privilege of spending time with South African traditional healers, the High Sanusi, Credo Mutwa and Virginia Rathele in their family compound in Kuruman, on the edge of the Kalahari Desert, where I received powerful transmissions of Zulu Cosmology. I trust that the work with Baba Credo and Virginia informs my constellations facilitation, as Bert Hellinger, the founder of the work, drew deeply from the well of Zulu wisdom in the development of Family Constellations. I have been a guest of Mark Johnson and the Muckleshoot tribe of Washington in their ongoing healing circles using constellations.

"I spent the years of our daughters' early childhood living with my family on a small farm on Whidbey Island, WA, where I dedicated myself to the arts of homesteading and developing a contemplative life. I learned to raise all manner of plants and animals along with techniques for food preservation, herbal medicine making and general community building. I now live in town, in Bozeman, MT. The years of hobby farming have inspired an on-going fascination and techniques for building soil health and vitality, through fermenting food waste, incorporating mycorrhizal fungi and bio-char.

"My commitment to consciousness permeates every aspect my life, from teaching mentoring and facilitating to the daily aspects of living. My intention is to be of support in clearing and opening the pathways for myself and others for a profound access to conscious awareness."[1]


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