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Katharine Pearson "has been with the McConnell Foundation, one of the largest private foundations in Canada with a national mandate, since January 1997. With a colleague, she produced the Foundation’s “Primer on Applied Dissemination: Should you sow what you know?” to help prospective grantees think through the process of disseminating and applying their programs in different contexts. Since January 2005, she has been working on a special project in collaboration with PLAN Institute for Caring Citizenship and DuPont Canada that is exploring the dimensions of sustaining social innovation.

"Katharine came to the Foundation after 16 years of working in the field of international development with Canadian non-governmental organizations, including OXFAM-Canada, where she was the Central America Program Officer, CUSO, and the Canadian Council for International Cooperation, where she spent 5 years as the Policy Team Coordinator.

"As a volunteer, Katharine is a co-founder and former board member of the Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society (IMPACS) in Vancouver, a board member of Oxfam Québec, and sits on the program advisory committee of the Foundation of Greater Montreal.

"Katharine grew up overseas, in France, Mexico and India, and was educated at the University of British Columbia." [1]