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Karl Zinsmeister was named May 24, 2006, by President George W. Bush to be Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy. He replaces Claude A. Allen who left the White House in February 2006 "amid a shoplifting investigation." [1]


Zinsmeister, a US neo-conservative, is a J. B. Fuqua Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and has been Editor in Chief of its magazine, The American Enterprise, since 1994 [2].

"According to The American Enterprise Web site, Zinsmeister has traveled to Iraq as an embedded journalist, writing three books about his experience there and writing and producing a forthcoming PBS film called 'Warriors' that profiles U.S. troops." [3]

Zinsmeister "has been a writer and researcher, a film producer, and a weekly commentator for Radio America. He has served as a Member of the Board of Advisors of the Department of Education's National Fund for the Improvement and Reform of Schools and Teaching; a Research Director for The Working Seminar on Family and American Welfare Policy; and a Legislative Assistant to U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Mr. Zinsmeister received his bachelor's degree from Yale University." [4]

Comic Book Author

In January 2005, Marvel Comics was to publish Combat Zone: True Tales of GI's in Iraq, a two-part comic book written by Zinsmeister. Marvel's oromotional material describes Zinsmeister's comic book thus: "Combat comics are taken to a whole new level! Three months in the lives of the 82nd Airborne in the Battle for Iraq are chronicled in this groundbreaking series by long-time embedded journalist Karl Zinsmeister." [5]

Contact information

From the AEI website [6]:

Karl Zinsmeister
The American Enterprise Institute
23 Hurd Street
Cazenovia, NY 13035
Tel: 315-655-1033
Fax: 315-655-3893
Email: tae AT aei.org

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