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Julian Seymour was the director of Margaret Thatcher's private office in London (Chesham Place Associates) after she left parliament. He helped in the negotiations of her very large consultancy fee with Philip Morris. Robert Higdon ran the Thatcher Foundation, and Mark Thatcher as her wastrel son seems to have had oversight of all these activities until he was cut out by Seymour.

Documents & Timeline

1992 July 17 Murray Bring is trying to discover the source of the leak to the Insight team. He has contacted Julian Seymour who headed Thatcher's private office in London -- they didn't want the payment disclosed He and Geoff Bible were to look into the source of the leak. [2]

1992 Jul 29 Julian Seymour, the Director of Thatcher's private office (Chesham Place Associates) writes to Murray Bring. He has straightened out the line of control and cut Mark Thatcher out of the picture. Sandy Warfield in Washington will handle the US/Foundation end. [3]

1992 Sep 30 Murray Bring has sent her private office manager a draft of the proposed contract (but with no payment figures) [4] Julian Seymour replies listing Clare Lowther and Miranda Cracroft as Thatcher's diary secretaries.

1992 Nov 10 The deal was sealed on when Philip Morris’ General Counsel, Murray Bring, wrote two letters to:

  1. Julian Seymour (Thatcher's private office director) setting out the agreed-upon terms for the consulting services:
* for three years from Jan 1 1992 (one year was almost passed) to provide a consulting service.
* her attendance at up to four meetings a year - time and place subject to mutual agreement
* ad hoc consultancy on a variety of matters that affect our business in various parts of the world
* she will facilitate introductions and meetings
* her annual fee for these services will be $250,000 (plus expenses + possible seconded employee to work in her office)
* possible support for he documentary TV programs[ http://industrydocuments.library.ucsf.edu/tobacco/docs/ktcv0073] [5]
  1. Thatcher Foundation representative Robert Higdon pledging $250,000 a year for three years beginning that year. Documents state that the contribution was just part of a larger financial arrangement that Philip Morris had with Thatcher: [Actually an equal amount was paid directly to her] [6]