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Julian Doyle was the first (1979-80) Secretary-General of the International Committee on Smoking Issues (ICOSI) the main international lobby organisation of the tobacco industry based in Brussels. He had been an Australian Liberal party politician, a lawyer, and for many years a Australian Government Trade Commissioner and general diplomat.

Documents and Timeline

Doyle was born in East Melbourne, Victoria, and went to Xavier College in Melbourne. He graduated in law at the University of Melbourne in 1958.

1958-62 Doyle worked with Arthur Robinson and Co, Melbourne, (the predecessor of Allens Arthur Robinson)

1958 He joined the Liberal Party of Australia and became president of the South Yarra Branch.

1964 He married Ann Clementson (He married three times and had five children.)

1965-71 He set up as a sole practitioner in Toorak and began to establish a political career,

1965-67 He served briefly as a Councillor for the City of Prahran

1967-71 Representing the seat of Gisborne as a Liberal member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly

1972-73 Doyle was Trade Commissioner in London

1973-75 Commercial Counsellor for Australian mission to the EEC, Brussels

1975–76 Senior Trade Commissioner, Nairobi,

1976 Australian Delegate to the United Nations Commission for Trade and Development

1976-77 A partner with Ellison, Hewison and Whitehead, solicitors, (a predecessor of Minter Ellison)

1977–78 Chairman of the Victorian Immigration Advisory Council.

1979–80: Secretary-General, International Committee on Smoking Issues (ICOSI) in Brussels,

1979 Mar 15: A meeting of ICOSI and SAWP to consider their new charter and select and establish a Secretariat. Until then they had been run for about six months as a committee assisted by George Berman of Devon Management, and with lawyer Coudert of Brussels handling their correspondence. They interviewed and selected Julian Doyle as a full-time Secretary-General of the organisation. [R William Murray|Bill Murray]] was instrumental in Doyle's selection. The companies agreed to kick in $40,000 each to finance the venture. ICOSI was already functioning with two major committees, SWAP (Social Acceptability) and STAG (Air-quality measurement). [2]

1979 Apr 16 He was being given a two day orientation course, and then sent on a tour to meet all the companies. [3]

1979 Dec 17: Richard J Marcotullio's memorandum to the file: ICOSI - International Public Smoking Symposium. Philip Morris's Mary Covington had made the proposal

Stated simply, the industry objectives are to obtain on an international basis the equivalent of the Jones Committee Hearing and to get a European (possibly Third World also) book put together along with the Jones Hearing. In addition, the symposium was intended to establish witnesses, international sociologists, lawyers and scientists that the industry could count on in other areas. It was intended to present the industry side of the public smoking issue, not the other side.

The SAWP membership objective was for everyone to see how it is done so that additional symposia can be conducted elsewhere (a model). The SAWP professionals were envisioned as running the symposium, in association with experts like Ed Jacob and Frank Colby, with ICOSI at the top.

In general, there would be three primary aims of the symposium;

- to have a useable book.   [Meaning they would publish the proceedings and circulate it as propaganda.]
- to provide some media coverage, highly organized.
- neutralize WHO as best as possible on the public smoking issue.
Julian Doyle then commented that the so-called "Independent Organisation" was apparently chosen because of its relationship with WHO."

This paper contains a lot of further discussion on how to organize the symposium centered on whether Independent Organisation or ICOSI should act as the convener with secretive funding to come through the German Verband. The Americans (industry and lawyers) objected because of the possibility of discovery, the Europeans refused to support a symposium where industry sponsorship was openly known. The circuitous solution was for Verband to support sponsorship, with other and more neutral sponsors also sought, and the industry role in sponsorship not be proclaimed but not denied either if asked. [4]

1980 April 15 His services were abruptly terminated and his salary and expenses details were circulated in some form of dispute. [5]

1980 May 8 Someone has suggested that they reemploy Doyle as a consultant, but the writer (Morini of BAT) thinks this would be a disaster -- and "could be construed as condonation of his past conduct".[6]

1980 Aug 7: He met with Bill Murray in Laussane to "clear up any outstanding matters" He had decided to return to Australia. He would leave Belgium on Aug 28 to return to Australia with one child, and his wife and abother child would follow Sept 25. ICOSI would pay for the additional school term for the two older children in English public schools. They have had to cough up $15,000 extra dollars to settle the dispute with him. [7]

Note: Mary Covington was parachuted into the role as Sec.Gen. and she quickly transferred the organisation to Geneva and changed its name to International Tobacco Information Center (INFOTAB) [[8]

1980–81 Director of the Victorian Promotion Committee back in Australia

1981–83 General manager Victorian Economic Development Corporation

1983 Australian delegate to the OECD Technology Conference in Paris. He married Kate Baillieu this year

1989 He married Sally Anne Roberts in 1989

1989-96: He was based in Brussels as a partner of Goulden's Solicitors London (predecessor of Jones Day Goulden)

1998–99: Legal Adviser to Minister of Justice, General Counsel to Central Bank of Eritrea

2007: He died in Melboune

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