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Biographical Information

"Julia is a member of the Academic Board of the Temenos Academy. As an independent scholar, she is currently conducting research into the encoding of the hermetic traditions in Renaissance and Seventeenth-century art and literature, including evidence for proto-masonic symbolism and ritual practice.

"In 2003 her proposal for a doctoral thesis on sacred geometry and the mystery traditions in the works of Nicolas Poussin was accepted by the School of Traditional Arts at the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture. She has given lectures at the History of Astrology Seminar, the Theosophical Society, the School of Economic Science, the Jupiter Trust and the Temenos Academy." [1]

Publications include

  • A review of Friend to Mankind - Marsilio Ficino 1433-99 (ed. Michael Shepherd in Temenos Academic Review 4, Spring 2001);
  • Ficino's Approach to Astrology as Reflected in Book VII of his Letters

(Culture and Cosmos, Volume 7, Number 2, Autumn/Winter 2003);

  • Burlesquing the Brotherhood (Paper given at the 6th International Conference at the Canonbury Masonic Research Centre);
  • Seeking the Light - Freemasonry and Initiation (The Canonbury Papers, Vol. 4, 2007);
  • Of Hiram and Aymon - the Evolution of the Legend of the Third Degree

(Transactions of the Manchester Association for Masonic Research, Vol XCVIII [98], 2008).


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