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Professor Judith Sloan is one of five members of the Australian Fair Pay Commission.

Sloan is a member of the council of academic advisors for right-wing think tank the Centre for Independent Studies, director of the Lowy Institute and regular participant in HR Nicholls Society events.

She is a Director of Santos Ltd. and Chair of Mayne Group Superannuation Fund.

She is also a former Commissioner at the Productivity Commission and a former Australian Broadcasting Corporation board member and Deputy Chair, and a former Director of the South Australian Ports Corporation. [1]

Professor Sloan has held academic appointments at the University of Melbourne and Flinders University. She was appointed Professor of Labour Studies in 1989. She has written widely in books, journals and newspapers.

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  • Judith Sloan, Worse Might be Better, Keynote Address, to the XVIth Conference of the H.R. Nicholls Society, 2nd & 3rd December 1994.