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From the Fikra Forum profile:

Joe Rizk attended the American University in Cairo, where he studied Political Science and Philosophy. He was largely responsible for planning and managing “Kalima,” a project based in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, with the aim of rebuilding the Arab library by filling in the translation gap (from all languages into Arabic). Joe has now started Lighthouse Consulting, a company that advises governments and the private sector in culture related industries and projects.
Joe has a passion for books and his particular interest lies in philosophy. He has been inspired by many writers, philosophers, and thinkers from all over the world including Hegel, Friedrich Nietzsche and Gilles Deleuze. Long before the events of 2011, Joe has been a member of Kifaya and a supporter of Mohammed Elbaradei. Having lived in Tahrir Square for several years, Joe quickly became an activist by writing and taking part in the sit-ins.
Joe spent his early career working in business development for internet and telecom companies such as Bellsouth. More recently he was an English lecturer at the American University in Cairo and has also taught history and psychology at a secondary school in Cairo.[1]


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