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Jonathan Peizer Social Entrepreneur, Technologist, Author, Consultant -- was the Chief Technology Officer of Information programs at Open Society Institute (OSI). Peizer served in a number of positions at OSI including Chief Information Officer, where he developed the foundation's internal technology initiative as well as its Internet Program Director, creating and executing a global Program providing connectivity, training and content to over one million people globally. This involved managing a budget of 35 millions dollars and ultimately raising 25 million dollars more in third-party partnerships. The work included setting up Internet service providers that first met a social mission and then evolved into sustainable and profitable commercial ventures. Prior to working for OSI Peizer held various technology management positions in the nonprofit and for-profit arenas including positions at Citicorp, AFS and Cheyenne Software. [1]

He is now Principle & CEO of Internaut Consulting providing strategic and planning and implementation support for philanthropies, corporations, governments and nonprofits that relate to socially responsible projects typically involving technology.

Jonathan has over two decades of extensive experience in strategic planning, development, management, and successful execution of projects employing a broad variety of technologies. His forte involves identifying needs and applying the appropriate strategy and implementation solutions to meet them. He has significant experience working in international, cross-cultural environments in over 75 countries. Jonathan’s major initiatives include:

- Developing the 40+ country Soros Foundation Network’s operational IT strategy.

- Assisting the Media Development Loan Fund, an Open Society Institute affiliate, in creating the Center for Advanced Media in Prague ( The center provides advanced training and product development in digital media to a variety of independent media institutions throughout Central & Eastern Europe and is involved in services for entities in Southeast Asia and the Middle East as well.

- Founding Aspiration, a nonprofit dedicated to connecting other nonprofits with software solutions that help them meet their missions. Aspiration identifies problems and opportunities in the nonprofit software arena and fosters relationships, delivery systems, and sustainability strategies with nonprofits and their technology support organizations around the world.

- Creating Capaciteria, a comprehensive, searchable online directory of administrative resources. The online resource promotes peer review allowing members to comment on, rate and add individual resource links. It is designed to assist the entire nonprofit sector leverage its own capacity using the trusted source networks of information it relies upon to qualify information on Capaciteria.

- Aspiration and Capaciteria are both operational outgrowths of the many articles Jonathan has written for journals, book chapters and online media outlets. His writing cover topics including technology, capacity, philanthropy and social entrepreneurship. Jonathan is also the author of a book: The Dynamics of Technology for Social Change Understanding the Factors that Influence Results:Lessons Learned from the Field as well a recent manual 20 Tips Every Strategic Grant Seeker Should Know.

Prior to joining the Soros Foundations Jonathan worked for Cheyenne Software as its Director of Systems and for AFS International where, as an active member of executive management team, he managed a dollar I.S. staff providing support to headquarters and 55 offices globally. He began his career at Citicorp as an associate manager automating asset safekeeping systems tracking $11 billion in securities.

Jonathan has served on many nonprofit, philanthropic and private sector boards and advisories, sometimes as chairman including: Aspiration, Innovation Funders Network, MDLF-CAMP, DNT Technologies, ITC Technologies, Media Rights, Soros Medical Internet & Library Boards, Markle Foundation Advisory Board and the American Forum.

He has at various times been a member of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management, the Innovation Funders Network the Institute of Management Consultants, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Organizational Development Network.

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