Joliet Refinery

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Joliet refinery
company ExxonMobile Refining & Supply Co.
State Illinois
location Joliet
current capacity 236,600 bpd
projected capacity unknown
project cost unknown
project type Expansion

Project Summary

This refinery is evaluating increasing tar sands processing at the refinery. In 2004, it purchased 7% blended bitumen from the tar sands.

Project Detail

The "Crude / Coker Utilization Project" (CCUP) will increase throughput (although not capacity), resulting in "significant" increases of NOx, CO, PM, and PM10 (serving as a surrogate for PM2.5), for purposes of PSD review. However, IEPA found that no the project units contributing to the increases did not undergo a "physical or operational change," and so were not subject BACT or LAER. Although the purpose of the expansion remains unclear, the geographic location suggests that this is a tar sands expansion.[1]

Permitting Status

Final construction permit issued Feb. 26, 2008 - Comment period expired. 30-day deadline to appeal to the EAB, pursuant to 40 C.F.R. 124.19, was March 27, 2008. Construction must begin by Aug. 26, 2009, or else ExxonMobil must re-apply.[1]