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John Nelson ~ Editor/Author He notes: "I was the ad/pub director at Hampton Roads Publishing in the mid-1990s, editorial director of Bear & Company in the late 90s, executive director of Blessingway Books in 2000, and the co-editorial director of Inner Ocean Publishing in the early 2000s. In small publishing, we couldn’t afford to pay big advances to established writers, and so we would acquire inspired works by novice writers that needed hands-on editing and rewriting.

"I was also deeply influenced by working with Barbara Clow at Bear & Company. She would say we needed to look for writing that’s coming from an author’s soul, not just a mental compilation of their reading list. She also chose me as her replacement based on my spiritual perspective. So, while I can work with commercial authors, as well as those in the new-consciousness genres, I will only work on positive constructive material that empowers and uplifts readers." [1]

Publishing List (Bear and Company)[1]

  • The Path of Empowermentby Barbara Marciniak, Inner Ocean Publishing/ New World Library, Nov. 2004 (editor)
  • Meal By Meal by Donald Altman, Inner Ocean Publishing/New World Library, April 2004 (concept, editor)
  • The Ancestors’ Pathby Jonn Lavinnder, Inner Ocean Publishing, Oct. 2003 (packager)
  • The Secret Spiritual World of Children by Tobin Hart, Inner Ocean Publishing, May 2003 (editor)
  • Mystical Dogs by Jean Houston, Inner Ocean Publishing/New World Library, June 2002 (concept)
  • Expanded Medicine Cards by Jami Sams & David Carson, St. Martin’s Press, July 1999 (packager & editor of the Bear & Company edition sold prior to publication)
  • PsyEarth Quest by Charles Bensinger, Bear & Company, August 1998 (developmental editor)
  • The Giza Power Plant by Christopher Dunn, Bear & Company, August 1998 (packager)
  • The Violet Forest by Foster Perry, Bear & Company, May 1998 (developmental editor)

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