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John Gay is the Chairman of the logging and agricultural company, Gunns.

In 2003 Gay was asked about the poisoning of wildlife as a way of protecting its forestry revegtation works. "How do you feel about protected species dying for your business?," the reporter, Graham Davis, asked Gay. "Well, there's too many of them and we need to keep them at a reasonable level," he said. [1]

As the the interview continued, Gay continually re-emphasised his support for the poisoning of native wildlife.

Graham Davis: You're saying there's too many wombats and ring-tailed possums?
John Gay: Yes, most certainly.
Graham Davis: Why are they protected then? Why are they classed as endangered?:
John Gay: Well, because the numbers are getting too great and the ring-tailed possum is a very small proportion of this. It's usually the brush possums that are poisoned, not ring-tails.
Graham Davis: Well, how can you say that, though, when you concede that this thing kills everything?
John Gay: Well, that everything that goes there to eat, but I believe it is an acceptable practice.
Graham Davis: It is acceptable practice to knock off all the wildlife in the surrounding areas, so that you can put your tree seedlings in?
John Gay: Yes. [2]

Gay and the Gunns 20 Case

In August 2006, the Victorian Supreme Court threw out Gunns third revision of its statement of claim against the Gunns 20. Gunn's is seeking $6.9 million in damages against a network of 20 individuals and environmental groups. Following the ruling, Gay told the ABC that the company would press on. "We will take individual action where there is a case of commercial damage to the company," Gay said. "We will never take ... anyone to court that is purely a pure demonstrator or has a different view of the company." [3]

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