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Joel Mowbray is a syndicated columnist with Knight-Ridder Tribune and contributes to

According to a biographical note, he "is known for his exposés of the State Department which led to the end of Visa Express in Saudi Arabia and the firing of the Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs, Mary Ryan." [1]

"A graduate of the University of Illinois and Georgetown Law School, he worked on Capitol Hill for former Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC). He is a leading advocate for Social Security privatization. Joel also spent two years working for Pioneer Strategies under then-Fox News reporter Heather Nauert," his biographical note states.

"Joel founded PriceCompare Technologies, working for two years with the Internet software company ... His work has also been published in the L.A. Times, National Review, New York Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, San Diego Union-Tribune, Investors Business Daily, Philadelphia Inquirer, Arizona Republic, Manchester Union Leader, FrontPage magazine, Jewish World Review, and Washington Times," it states.

"Joel spent two summers interning with Americans for Tax Reform and Linda Chavez's Center for Equal Opportunity," it states.

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