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Joel M. Schwartz is an environmental consultant and global warming skeptic, not to be confused with Harvard School of Public Health epidemiologist Joel Schwartz.


Schwartz is a Senior Consultant with Blue Sky Consulting Group in Sacramento, California.[1]

He has done stints at the Reason Public Policy Institute, the RAND Corporation, and the American Enterprise Institute[1]. He has been listed as an adjunct senior fellow at the Hudson Institute[2] and an an adjunct scholar at the John Locke Foundation[3].

He is listed as a National Center for Policy Analysis "E-Team expert"[4], and by the Heartland Institute among its global warming experts.


Schwartz got a BA in chemistry from Cornell University in 1986, and a master's degree in planetary science from California Institute of Technology in 1990. [1]

Climate change


Schwartz was a speaker at the Heartland Institute/International Conference on Climate Change (2009) organized by the Heartland Institute think tank.[5]

"Climate change is not a crisis," Schwartz said in 2007. "The thing we should be most afraid of is rushing to foolish policy." [6]


In July 2007, the John Locke Foundation released a report authored by Schwartz, titled, "A North Carolina Citizen's Guide to Global Warming." [7] In the report, Schwartz claims that [Al] "Gore's brand of over-the-top climate hysteria has nothing to do with reality"; and that "Most of the greenhouse effect is natural and is due to water vapor naturally in the atmosphere, as well as natural levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, and a few other greenhouse gases." [8]

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