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"Firmage is the descendant, through many generations, of another bold searcher, Brigham Young. Young led the Mormons to Utah after the murder of the prophet Joseph Smith. Firmage grew up in a Mormon household in Salt Lake City.

"When he was 10 years old, his father, a law professor, insisted that he watch Carl Sagan's PBS series "Cosmos." Young Joe found it transformational. He became fascinated by astronomy. In his back yard, he took pictures of the heavens with a camera attached to a telescope...

"He'd always been interested in astronomy, physics, UFOs, stuff like that. As a teenager, UFO stories had intrigued him, but he'd concluded that there was no way the flying saucers, or whatever they were, could cross the immense distances of interstellar space. But on this day he found something. It was a research paper by a man named Bernhard Haisch.

"Haisch, as it happens, is a physicist who works just up the road from Firmage, at Lockheed Martin. He's also the editor of the Journal of Scientific Exploration, which often carries articles about UFOs.

"The Haisch paper discussed something called the "zero-point field." This is a theoretical field of energy that permeates everything, even the "empty" spaces of the universe. Haisch asserts that what gives a piece of matter its "mass" is an electromagnetic reaction with this zero-point field. The theory is abstruse in the extreme. But if Haisch is right, then mass can, in theory, be modified and engineered. Something as seemingly fundamental as inertia might be subject to cancellation. There are implications for faster-than-light travel and spaceships that require no fuel, all sorts of fabulous notions." [1]

Joseph Firmage (born October 26, 1970 in Salt Lake City, Utah) is an American Internet entrepreneur. He founded several business ventures prior to and during the dot-com boom and currently is involved with two closely linked organizations: ManyOne Networks, of which he is CEO, and the Digital Universe Foundation, of which he is a co-founder and member of the Board of Directors. wiki Joseph Firmage first began to make news in the UFO community in November of 1998 when he published an on-line a book called The Truth.

""Joe Firmage is currently founder and chairman of the International Space Sciences Organization (ISSO). Firmage founded ISSO in October of 1998 to sponsor research and development of breakthrough insights into physics. ISSO formally launched its science operations on July 28th, 1999, and plans to release a number of book, film, and interactive public education productions.

"Firmage is founder and was formerly CEO and Chief Strategist for USWeb Corporation, a professional services company established in 1995 to help businesses adopt Internet technologies. As CEO, Firmage was responsible for determining and directing the company's overall strategy. With a valuation of $3 billion, USWeb is the world's largest Internet professional services company. While at USWeb, Firmage was awarded 1997 Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young. Firmage recently stepped down from his position at USWeb to pursue interests related to his Internet book "The Truth."

"Prior to founding USWeb, Firmage was with Novell as vice president of strategic planning for Novell's Systems Group, the company's core $1.2 billion business unit. He also oversaw strategic planning for Novell's NEST embedded device networking technology and TUXEDO on-line transaction processing product families. His chief responsibility was the determination of the group's financial, market and technology priorities and objectives.

"Firmage founded and became CEO of his first company, Serius Corporation, in 1989. Serius developed object based programming tools for PC developers. Serius was acquired by Novell in 1993 in a transaction valued at $24 million. Previously, Firmage held sales and management positions in retail computer sales." [2]


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