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Biographical Information

"Joanna Cherry is Founder of Ascension Mastery International (AMI), an organization based in Mount Shasta, California. AMI helps build the consciousness that we are part of the divine, unlimited and totally free; and that our natural state is one of full mastery, happiness and fulfillment.

"Master's Degrees in Education and Speech led Joanna into teaching at public school and university levels. She has a Master's Degree in Ministerial Science from the Teaching of the Inner Christ, a non-denominational teaching with which she served as Director of the Second Outreach Ministry. She also received a Doctorate in Ministerial Science from a sister organization, Teaching of Intuitional Metaphysics. She has explored Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, and became an internationally certified rebirther with Leonard Orr.

"Since 1980, Joanna has given workshops and talks nationally and internationally on spiritual subjects. Among these are contacting and becoming one's master self; emotional healing; sexuality and spirituality; fulfilling life purposes; rejuvenation and immortality; light body activation; and ascension. Joanna has presented her work at Whole Life Expos, Astara Mystery School, the World Congress on Illumination, Earth in Change and other international conferences. She is listed in World Who's Who of Women.

"In 1986, Joanna was guided to work independently from TIC, and it was then that she formed AMI. She has published two books: Living Mastery, and Self Initiations; and has created audio sets. All of these are available on her website, Many of her articles can also be found there. She has written for numerous magazines, and has a chapter in Virginia Essene's book New Cells, New Bodies, New Life! She recently contributed to a 2010 book, Ascension, by Susan Shumsky.

"In 1996, Joanna was sent to India by spirit, and there she was guided to stop giving workshops for the time, and assist awakening humanity by offering beautiful images of masters and ascended masters, angels and deities of spiritual and religious traditions. This collection has expanded to include things such as Awareness Guides on crystals, chakras, herbs, nutrition, aromatherapy and other subjects, that may be found in new age and health food stores. The website for the pictures, Guides etc. is"[1]


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