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Jim Hanson is a Madison, Wisconsin-based pro-war in Iraq blogger who says that he uses Uncle J as "the persona I use to vent my frustrations regarding the fools and infidels running rampant on this planet." [1]


Hanson operates the weblogs MilBlog Wire.com; Military Matters.com—"An insider's look at politics and national security from Madison's favorite hawk"—"hosted by the website of The Capital Times & the Wisconsin State Journal as part of madison.com which has both papers"; and Uncle Jimbo.com—"Scheming Global Domination & World Peace."

Hanson also manages the military blog Blackfive [2] and posts there as Uncle Jimbo.


According to his MilBlog Wire profile, Hanson says that it "is a personal initiative, however I will use my professional contacts to further it. I work for Capital Newspapers, which publishes two papers here in Madison, WI, we are part of a larger company Lee Enterprises [3] which publishes 58 papers in the US."

On Blackfive, Hanson says that he is a "Retired Special Operations Master Sergeant." However, his Military Matters blog profile states that he "spent 14 years in the military", "was a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, which means now [he is] an ex-Green Beret." Hanson also states "I still have many friends in the Special Ops and Intel worlds and will occasionally pass along interesting info from them," on the weblog.

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Email: jimbo AT unclejimbo.com

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