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Professor Jim Dunwell is a researcher into plant biochemistry and physiology.

Research interests

These are focussed in three areas. First, I have a particular interest in the structure, function, and modification of the recently identified cupin superfamily of functionally-diverse plant proteins (see below). These include the seed storage proteins, the germins (cereal oxalate oxidases), the germin-like proteins and auxin binding proteins. In particular we are investigating the conservation of the active site residues within these proteins and their potential use in improving the response of transgenic plants to plant pathogens and to abiotic stress.

The second is the application of Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) technology to the study of gene expression in plants, in particular in the cereals rice and wheat.

The third is the development and applications of transgenic plants. This includes novel techniques for DNA introduction into plant cells, and the use of new methods for regeneration from single somatic cells.

Collaborative links: I have numerous collaborative links with international academic establishments, and commercial research organisations.

Current research projects

Study of the structure, function, and evolution of cupin proteins. Production and analysis of crop plants transformed with the oxalate oxidase gene from barley. This includes study of the behaviour of the transgene in the heterologous species, and its effect on tolerance to fungal pathogens, and to salt/osmotic stress.

Application of SAGE methods to gene expression in rice and wheat.

Regeneration from leaf cells, especially guard cells, of crop species.

Recent Publications

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Further publications (general reviews)

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Contact Info

Plant Sciences Academic Staff
Email: j.dunwell@reading.ac.uk
Telephone: 0118 378 6313
Room Number: 120