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Jennifer is also a trained Bach flower practitioner and life coach and has studied energy healing. [1] " From 1991-2000 I held the post of Consultant in Psychological Medicine at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford, England. I published a number of medical books and research papers. Then I moved to Auckland, with my New Zealand-born husband. I developed my interest in holistic healing and natural therapies, qualified as a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and Life Coach, and alongside my client practice continued writing and editing on a wider range of topics. My other interests include choral singing and animal welfare. This blog covers a range of topics and I currently have two others, and, focused on writing and Bach flowers respectively." [2]

Jennifer Barraclough was the editor of the 2010 book Enhancing Cancer Care: Complementary Therapy and Support.

Table of Contents

1: Principles and Settings 1. Introducing the Holistic Approach to Cancer Care, Jennifer Barraclough 2. Evaluating Complementary Therapies, Janet Richardson and Karen Pilkington 3. The Oncology Setting, Teresa E. Young 4. The Hospice Setting, Nigel A. Hartley 5. The Work of an Independent Cancer Help Center, Sara R. Miller and Ruth Sewell 6. Childhood Cancer, Elena J. Ladas and Kara M. Kelly 7. Choice and Co-ordination of Therapies: The Family Doctor as Guide, Catherine Zollman 2: ABC of Therapies 8. Acupuncture, Beverley de Valois 9. Aromatherapy, Jacqui Stringer 10. Art Therapy, Paola Luzzatto and Bonnie Gabriel 11. Back Flower Remedies, Jennifer Barraclough 12. Counselling: Distress, Transitions, and Relationships, James Brennan 13. Exercise, Margaret L. McNeely and Kerry S. Courneya 14. Group Support, Barbara Lubrano di Ciccone, Tiffany D. Floyd and David W. Kissane 15. Healing, Diane O'Connell 16. Herbal Medicine, Doreen Oneschuk, Jawaid Younus and Heather Boon 17. Homeopathy, Elizabeth A. Thompson 18. Massage, Jacqui Stringer and Peter A. Mackereth 19. Music Therapy, Joanne V. Loewy 20. Nutrition, Elizabeth Butler 21. Reflexology, Peter A. Mackereth and Clive S. O'Hara 22. Relaxation, Visualization and Hypnotherapy, Leslie G. Walker, Donald M. Sharp, Andrew A. Walker and Mary B. Walker 23. The Spiritual Dimension, Alastair J Cunningham and Claire VI Edmonds

Editor of Integrated Cancer Care: Holistic, Complementary, and Creative Approaches (Oxford University Press, 2001). Contributors include Rosy Daniel, Tony and Ann Neate, George Lewith and Julian Kenyon, Heather Goodare, Sally Baldwin, Michael Baum, Beata Bishop, Catherine Zollman.