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Jeffrey R. Barnett is a senior consultant at Toffler Associates, an "executive advisory firm."

"Prior to entering the private sector, Jeff served in the United States Air Force. Jeff was the Chief of Staff for the 5000-person United Nations command in Vukovar, Croatia, where he also commanded the American military contingent. He served as the senior military assistant to Mr. Andrew Marshall, director of the Pentagon's Office of Net Assessment. In this position he developed original concepts for the 'revolution in military affairs'. He also wrote a book on trends in warfare. Future War is now in its fifth printing. A Korean language edition was published in June 2000. Jeff continues to write about his perspectives and analysis of military affairs. He has published in the Los Angeles Times, the Houston Post, Marine Corps Gazette, Parameters (US Army), Proceedings (US Navy), Armed Forces Journal International, Airpower Journal and Strategic Review.

"Jeff is a life member of the Air Force Association and president of the 1300-member Gabriel Chapter. In 2001 he received the Virginia AFA President's Award.

"Jeff received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Holy Cross and holds a Master of Science in Political Science. He is a graduate of the Air War College, where he finished second in his class. He makes his home in McLean, Virginia, and commutes to serve clients globally."[1]

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