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Mr. Jeffrey A. Pontius

"Mr. Pontius has over 28 years of geological experience and possesses a distinguished track record of successful discoveries that includes three precious metal deposits. Significantly, during 1989-1996, as the Exploration Manager of Pikes Peak Mining Company (a subsidiary of NERCO Mineral Co. and Independence Mining Company), Mr. Pontius managed the large district scale exploration program that resulted in the discovery of the Cresson Deposit at Cripple Creek, Colorado, containing over 5 million ounces of gold. While working as Exploration Manager, he developed an integrated exploration program which focused on both surface bulk mineable and underground high grade target types.

"Mr. Pontius spent the past seven years at AngloGold Ashanti (USA) Exploration Inc. (AngloGold), starting as Senior US Exploration Manager and becoming North American Exploration Manager and also a Director of Anglo American (USA) Exploration Inc. Mr. Pontius was also a member of the regional business development team and provided technical and strategic support for AngloGold's acquisition program.

"During his last four years as US Exploration Manager, Mr. Pontius led the exploration team that spent US$ 10 million developing an extensive database and acquiring all of the AngloGold Alaskan mineral projects that were recently vended into International Tower Hill Mines Ltd., a public company trading on the TSX Venture Exchange. In connection with the sale, Mr. Pontius left AngloGold to become the President and Chief Executive Officer of ITH and continue the Alaskan exploration programs he started at AngloGold.

"Mr. Pontius holds a Masters Degree from the University of Idaho (Economic Geology), a BSc. from Huxley College of Environmental Studies (Environmental Science) and a BSc. from Western Washington University (Geology)." [1]

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