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LT Jason Nichols, U.S. Navy, currently serving on active duty as an information professional in Baghdad, Iraq, is a founder of Appeal For Courage. Nichols' email address indicates that he is headquartered at CENTCOM within the Green Zone.


Winning in Iraq

In a May 16, 2006, Daily Kos Georgia10 posting on "Losing The War On Terror?", Nichols commented as usnjay: "We are winning: a Republican response":

First, we are winning because of the action in Iraq. Any military strategist will tell you that the force fighting in their own back yard is the losing force.
Second, you are attacking our means of fighting, but you don't provide any alternative.
How would you prevent another 9/11 and defeat the Islamic fascists?
Unless you can answer that, there's no reason to address your criticisms.
Note: More comments by usnjay follow.

WMDs not primary cause of war in Iraq

On May 24, 2006, veritas posted the following in the comments section of the Democracy Cell Project Blog posting "You Can't Outsource Diplomacy":

Some winger on my Kos page actually wrote this:
Yes. WMD's were related to the war, but not a primary cause. So soldiers didn't die looking for them, they died for freedom and American's security. I'm referring to the soldiers overall, not individuals. Yes I'm sure some individual soldiers died while looking for WMD's. I'm sure some died from auto accidents, but that wasn't the reason they are in the country.
by usnjay

Extremists "losing by inches"

Writing about the suicide bomber at the Iraqi parliament, Nichols posted the following April 12, 2007, in the comments section at Hot Air Blog:

Hi from the Green Zone.
No doubt this is a terrible event, but it’s nothing new. The extremists are losing by inches, and they don’t have a way to win long term. The only way they can win is if we pull out before the Iraqi military and police are ready, and that doesn’t seem likely with Bush as President. More and more Republicans seem willing to support victory even if it hurts them politically. Bad for the short-term health of the Republican party, but good for Americans, Iraqis, and the world.
And just as terrorists are angering millions of average Arabs, Democrats are angering thousands of military members. Bad for both, long term.
So keep the big picture in mind, and keep fighting the good fight.
LT Jason Nichols
MNF-I, Baghdad



LT Jason Nichols, USN, USTRANSCOM TCJ6-P, Heartland Region, AFCEA International (Association for Communications and Electronics Professionals), was recognized among 2007 "Distinguished Young AFCEAN (DYA) Regional Honorees. Nichols "co-chaired the Scott-St. Louis Chapter’s most significant event during the Chapter’s program cycle, TechNet Mid-America 2006. This event was the best ever in the Midwest, earning over $25K for the Chapter’s Scholarship fund, attracting 850 participants, over 90 exhibitors, and engaging many current and former Flag Officers. LT Nichols executed this event flawlessly, seeing to every detail from planning to implementation."


Jason Nichols has been registered under the name usnjay as a blogger at Free Republic since September 18, 2004. His FR profile shows him as on the web at appealforcourage.org with an email address of jason AT quantumland.com.

Contact Information

Email: committee AT appealforcourage.org

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  • Video, Fox News, February 22, 2007: Nichols "[t]alks to 'Your World with Neil Cavuto' about spearheading a petition to allow service members to stay in country until Iraqi and Afghan Security Forces are competent enough to defend their respective country." Also see YouTube link.
  • Casey, "I Introduce You To Iraqnophobia," Needs of the Many Blogspot, April 20, 2007.

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